Right Back At You

Right Back At You

Being A Human In A Simulated Universe

What have death, sleep, dreams, robots, reflections, consciousness, ghosts, superheroes, viruses, parasites, reality, illusion, infection, quantum physics, string theory, stars, black holes and Heaven got in common?

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About the Book

They are all fascinating phenomena which could only exist in a simulated universe. Right Back at You examines human consciousness, showing how human brains are immersed in simulation, because the universe is a simulation.

Our contradictions as humans make us who and what we are, and Steve O’Grady explains how simulation is deeply connected with what we see, the way that we see it, and the consequences this has for us as people.

Genre: Science
Publisher: ShieldCrest Publishing
Publication Year: 2019
Format: Paperback
Length: 192
ASIN: 1912505436
ISBN: 9781912505432
List Price: £10.50