Author Biography

Steve O’Grady obtained his degree in Biosciences from the University of Greenwich. He won the Oxford University Press Bioscience award in 2008.

He is fascinated with the universe and everything in it. He has been experiencing space-time for nearly fifty years and he has noticed a lot of strange things.

He is an avid book reader who loves both fiction and non-fiction. Starting with Jennifer Yellow Hat in pre-school, to The Hobbit in Secondary school.  When he discovered Shakespeare, and poetry, and the literary greats, he could not get enough.  The book which changed everything for Steve was A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking. After he read it, there was no turning back. Richard Dawkins books had the most profound effect on Steve; after reading them he enrolled in University.

Steve is an ex-Catholic who excommunicated himself from the Catholic Church, aged 14, while still at school. It did not go down well. Steve was physically punished by caning and he was ostracised by teachers as an ‘anomaly’, and told he was ‘going to Hell’, but it freed him to follow a path of science and discovery and he has never looked back.

Steve survived a life-changing event; he fell five stories, feet first, onto concrete, and he is lucky to be alive. Steve’s mum, a Catholic, says that God saved him, but Steve, a scientist, said the laws of physics did their thing. Either way his feet always throb in the winter and he frequently sets off security scanners with his new Bionic-man body which has much metal, like Wolverine.

Steve is a massive comic-book fan and considers himself a superhero, with only a few villainous traits. He is not good at cleaning and if you enter his home, sometimes it is advisable to tie a rope around your waist, to ensure you can find your way back out again. Steve likens this to Narnia, but his friends say it always looks like he has been burgled.

Steve can frequently be found reading books and comics, playing computer games, looking at art, watching movies & TV, and phoning up his friends to ask them questions like: “You know when you woke up today, did you consider the amount of cellulose that surrounds your life?”.

Steve’s pet hates are denial, quangos, and dinner. He would just rather just drink a chocolate Nurishment drink, with no washing-up to do, because he can just throw the can in the bin, and he is a chocoholic. The idea of a Sunday Roast makes him feel sick, but he will eat any dessert on a plate.

Steve does not celebrate xmas, and he always asks non-Christians why they celebrate Christ’s Mass. He laughs when they reply to him, ‘What’s that?’. He gets called a’ Grouch’ and ‘Bah humbug’ but he saves himself a fortune, has no arguments on xmas day, is freed from xmas shopping, and is not in debt by January.